SponsorBlock database dumps

The API and database follow CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 unless you have explicit permission.

Attribution Template

If you need to use the database or API in a way that violates this license, contact me with your reason and I may grant you access under a different license.

How this works

Send a request to https://sponsor.ajay.app/database.json, or visit this page to get a list of urls and the update status database dump to run. Then, you can download the csv files below, or use the links returned from the JSON request. A dump will also be triggered by making a request to one of these urls.

Keeping your dump up to date

If you want a live dump, please do not continually fetch this url. Please instead use the sb-mirror project. This can automatically fetch new data and will not require a redownload each time, saving bandwidth.

Please use sb-mirror

For bandwidth reasons, CSV downloads have been disabled. Please use the sb-mirror project.


Table CSV
sponsorTimes sponsorTimes.csv
userNames userNames.csv
categoryVotes categoryVotes.csv
lockCategories lockCategories.csv
warnings warnings.csv
vipUsers vipUsers.csv
unlistedVideos unlistedVideos.csv
videoInfo videoInfo.csv
ratings ratings.csv

Last updated: Thu, 30 Mar 2023 14:55:00 GMT