SponsorBlock database dumps

The API and database follow CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 unless you have explicit permission.

Attribution Template

If you need to use the database or API in a way that violates this license, contact me with your reason and I may grant you access under a different license.

How this works

Send a request to https://sponsor.ajay.app/database.json, or visit this page to get a list of urls and the update status database dump to run. Then, you can download the csv files below, or use the links returned from the JSON request. A dump will also be triggered by making a request to one of these urls.

Keeping your dump up to date

If you want a live dump, please do not continually fetch this url. Please instead use the sb-mirror project. This can automatically fetch new data and will not require a redownload each time, saving bandwidth.

Please use sb-mirror

For bandwidth reasons, CSV downloads have been disabled. Please use the sb-mirror project.


Table CSV
sponsorTimes sponsorTimes.csv
userNames userNames.csv
categoryVotes categoryVotes.csv
lockCategories lockCategories.csv
warnings warnings.csv
vipUsers vipUsers.csv
unlistedVideos unlistedVideos.csv
videoInfo videoInfo.csv
ratings ratings.csv
titles titles.csv
titleVotes titleVotes.csv
thumbnails thumbnails.csv
thumbnailTimestamps thumbnailTimestamps.csv
thumbnailVotes thumbnailVotes.csv

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